Midsommar ★★★★

As beautiful and empty as the Swedish countryside...

This film is gorgeous, full stop. From the title card to the ending sequence and everything inbetween, the shots are considered, staged well, considered in their depth of field, and the few effects that are used add tremendously to the shots they are used in. The soundtrack is also very very well done, adding to the feeling of unease in shots that otherwise wouldn't feel oppressive or tense. And on that- I really like the choice of having it be set...in midsommar. Constant daylight makes for a 'horror' film that doesn't rely on hidden or surprising elements to provide the fear- the setting and characters do a good job of that. There were a number of moments where I had the hair on my arms and legs standing up without any death, gore, or torture happening.

However, I feel that for all its excellence in craft, the movie didn't have too much of a story. There was the slow descent into madness and inhumanity, but it felt like there was something missing. Perhaps something got left on the cutting room floor, or perhaps the panic attack angle wasn't one that I could associate with as strongly. But ultimately I think that there was a point here in there somewhere, but I don't think that it came across in the film (Not even in the arthouse 'there's a point but it's hidden in 8 levels of esoterism'. I think this is just missing some key pieces). Still worth a watch for the cinematography- in the words of Alex Turner: "Such beautiful photography, it's worth it for the opening scene"

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