Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★

Ironically, Scream 2's weakness is no different than any other Greek Hero: Pride. It really, honestly, truly thinks it's making Aliens when it's really Alien 3 (theatrical release, NOT the superior reassembled Assembly Cut [which is in itself still kind of a slog]).

While the character work here is good and I was really upset to see some characters get killed off, the story is a morass of meta-winking and eye-rollingly dumb plot twists. You can kind of tell this was rewritten heavily and mostly on the spot. It's the same problem that plagues just about all modern blockbuster films: pieces that don't add up or connect jarringly. Still a lot of fun and some pretty gruesome deaths, but nothing special. It's kind of nice to see the 90s encapsulated in one film. Probably the only appropriate use of DMB as a needle-drop outside of Lady Bird.

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