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This review may contain spoilers.

If I didn't have a wife and kids and responsibilities (in other words, if I was still in my early twenties) I probably would have watched this movie about five more times at this point. It's just so, so good and so incredibly fun. But it's the kind of fun movie that has hidden depths, which makes it as rewarding on the third watch as it is on the first. The characters are so well defined, are so realistically flawed and unique, that they just spring off of the screen. The dialogue is so wonderful. It's snappy, clever, and poignant. Plus, the movie is both cynical and hopeful at once. It's all about the value of trying, even if one ultimately fails. There is nobility in the mere effort of trying, in fighting the good fight even if you don't win. The heroes of this movie are hopelessly outmatched, but they try anyway, even if they aren't the right people for the job. They fail, even at their own redemption, but they gave it their best shot and the movie respects them for that. In that way, it's perhaps the perfect movie for this year, which is why it remains my favorite of 2016. The movie's ending would be depressing if not for the irrepressible fun of the film and the sheer delight we get in spending time with these characters and listening to them talk. "The Nice Guys" is perfect evidence that a movie can be silly and still have weight, something I wish more of the endless onslaught of comic book movies managed to do.

Please, Warner Brothers, let us have at least two more adventures of Holland March and Jackson Healy. I'll put up with all of the sub-par DC comics movies you want to throw at us, just let me watch Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling fuck up more mysteries. You give me a "Nice Guys" trilogy and I won't even complain about the inevitable "Aquaman" movie. Deal?

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