Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

I remain unimpressed with David Lynch, for the most part. As with all of his films, some of the weirdness displayed here is mesmerizing and some of it is just far too weird and seemingly pointless. In something like this, it all just depends on whether the seemingly pointless moments overwhelm the captivating moments and, unfortunately, I'd say the moments that exist just to be disturbing or disgusting or, there's no other word for it, "weird" outnumber those that kept me enthralled. Nicolas Cage was a good fit for this, though, providing most of the moments that kept me entertained (his sustained Elvis impression is utterly delightful). In fact, most of the actors do a great job. The problem lies in how this is put together, and in the accumulation of the weird and the grotesque and the fact that I can't see much of a point to all of it. I did dig a lot of it, I just wish that I felt it was building toward something more.

It's still worth watching for Cage, however, this is one of his most bizarre turns. And THAT, my friends, is saying something.

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