Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★★

michael bay is one of the last american auteurs that truly does not give a fuck. this is a testament to that.

some things i noticed throughout 
-one of the greatest opening scenes i’ve seen in awhile
-the rock being a church gardener with a homoerotic priest
-the rock carrying a skateboard in every shot
-beautiful neon cinematography 
-somehow more mentions of the american dream than in spring breakers
-“i can deal with his impotence, but i cant deal with his incompetence”
-“this is still a true story”
-“i think he lifted waits to compensate for his very tiny penis”

imagine getting bombarded with hours of self aware, hyper-sexualised, misogynistic, homoerotic, drug induced insanity of 3 fellas chasing the american dream, directed by michael bay

i know it sounds like an impossible fever dream, but here it is.

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