Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery ★★★★

I want to thank Janelle Monáe. From her debut album ArchAndroid, to Moonlight, to everything else, she’s never really swung and missed. Some musicians dabble in acting, or vice versa, but rarely is the artist excellent in both endeavors. Monáe clearly is.

I was late on the White Lotus train, so I was binging the first season while I watched the second. Because of this, when I started watching Glass Onion and saw more cloying rich people getting onto a boat, I almost turned it off. (plus, Daniel Craig’s accent seemed next level ridiculous in the tub scene).

However! The prospect of more Monáe pulled me through, and Glass Onion ended up being so much fun! It was well shot, with snappy dialogue, a brisk pace, and amazing production design. Rian Johnson clearly knows exactly what he’s doing, so what the hell. Bring on number three!

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