The Father

The Father ★★★★★

My dad had Alzheimer’s, and Anthony Hopkins’ amazing performance in The Father reminded me of my father’s behavior in many ways. But I’ve never seen a director come close to representing how the world might look and feel for a person with the disease. The disorientation, the paranoia, the decades and the people in them slipping out of touch and out of order. Olivia Colman plays a daughter wracked by feelings of sadness, guilt, love, and confusion. All the other characters are viewed through the cracked prism of a compromised mind.

Florian Zeller brilliantly adapts his own play, and all the performances are stellar. I loved Olivia Williams in Rushmore, and I’ve been disappointed to only catch glimpses of her work since then. She’s in a beautiful scene that helps ground a film that is constantly shifting the ground beneath our feet.

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