Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite ★★★★★

A timeless classic for all ages. This movie was my childhood to the point I used to recreate scenes like throwing action figures out the window on a string and abusing the bumpers at the bowling alley. The use of characters, color, music, and the charm it captures is overwhelmingly spot on. That could be due to the director Jared Hess using real moments from his life growing up in Idaho for nearly every scene in this (He explains what each scene is based on in the commentary). 

 I played it while babysitting and the youngens (8 and 11) were glued to the screen. Half way through one said “what is this about” and I responded “whatever you want it to be” and that sums up the beauty of the narrative. They loved it to the end and don’t know why, and I remember I initially feeling the same when I was younger.

 Oh and fuck Trisha and fuck Summer.

 🎬 10 outta 10
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