Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

I think Taika Waititi is I very one sided director when it comes to production. What I mean by that is he doesn’t break new ground when it comes to technical aspects of his films, you can tell just by watching his movies he puts a lot of effort into the story, characters, etc. 

This is very entertaining and heartwarming movie. It manages to be funny and sad without breaking its boundaries or taking itself to seriously. You can tell just by watching it that he wanted to give it his all when it comes to developing these characters and this story. I’m not saying the technical parts like cinematography, lighting, or editing were bad, they were just pretty average. I would of liked to see him give some more creative effort into those. 

The first act was probably my least favorite part. It just seemed off and the tone they set up in that first act doesn’t really transfer over the 2nd and 3rd. It also seemed to be paced a lot faster to. 

The acting was pretty good, especially from Scarlett Johansson and Taika Waititi himself. The kid actors which is normally the worst part of these movies weren’t awful, but they could of been a lot better. 

This is a very enjoyable movie that people of all ages can find something to enjoy in. Would recommend.