Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

This movie is very fun. As far as a cinematic movie goes this hits the nail on the head. There is a lot of references to previous MCU movies and a lot of fan service. The actors and actresses do a fantastic job in portraying these characters. The star of the show in my opinion is Jake Gyllenhaal and his preformance of Mysterio. He absolutely nails it. He captures everything the character should be. I’d say he’s right under Thanos on my favorite MCU villains list. 

Tom Holland also is amazing (no pun intended). Even at 22 years old he still perfectly portrays a young boy and an even better Spider-Man, and he goes very very good in this movie. If you still some how had reserves about Tom Holland and his Spider-Man, this movie could change your view on him. In my opinion, he is the perfect Spider-Man and Peter Parker. 

Other then the acting which was easily the best part of the film, it really doesn’t do anything to special. The Premise of Spider-Man traveling across Europe is a cool idea and a nice break from NYC, but other then that it’s what you would expect from a Spider-Man movie. 

The jokes are ok at best. Some are funny and creative and some are just repetitive. The fight scene aren’t anything different from what we have seen before and there are some plot holes that don’t resolve themselves. 

Over all this is a very good summer movie. Kids will love it and adults will 100% find something enjoyable in it. It’s a good what to spend two hours. I’m excited to see where Marvel takes this character from here and I see nothing but good things come from this character in the future.

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