The Lighthouse ★★★★★

What a beautiful nightmare. 

I thought this this movie was fantastic. The acting from the the two is amazing, especially from Robert Patterson who I thought stole the show. The creepy score was bone chilling, the fact that this was shot on film and was black and white in a 1:1 aspect ratio added to the old, lonely and dark tone the movie was going for. And every thing else including lighting and cinematography was A+.

This movie makes you think, which I think the best movies make you do, the director didn’t want to make what was going on clear as day, he wanted to audience to engage and think. This movie will stay with you for a couple days afterwards. I saw this with a friend who didn’t even know what to say at the end. 

This is definitely a piece of art that you can look at different ways and that’s what I think is so good about, of course this isn’t the only movie to do this, two of my favorite movies this year, Climax and Midsommor and made you think. 

This director is a master of this art, he has made only 2 featured length film that have both been amazing and I cannot wait to see what else he brings to the table next. 

As of right now, this is my favorite film of the year. There are a lot of good looking movies that come out this year that I haven’t seen yet so that could change, but right now my three favorite of the year are: 1 - The Lighthouse, 2 - Climax, 3 - Midsommor

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