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  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Cold War
  • Casino
  • Ghost World

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  • Alone in the Woods: The Legend of Cambo

  • I Am Cuba


  • Felicità


  • The Go-Between


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  • I Am Cuba

    I Am Cuba


    Astounding restoration. Unfortunately due to the format I watched this in, the original language was also dubbed over with Russian alongside the English subs. The cinematography is incredible this deserved every technical award blessed upon it. The widescreen lenses felt very modern particularly if you are familiar with Malick’s recent work. This felt ahead of it’s time. If Criterion picked this up I would be pre-ordering tomorrow.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    I want to watch this again to write a proper review, but so far one of my favourite new films I've seen this year and a brilliant debut.

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  • Prometheus




  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    If you were to sum up Jonathan Glazers latest in one word, you wouldn't go far wrong with 'dark'. This term could easily be applied both literally and metaphorically. On the surface the story is simple. An alien travels across varying Scottish landscapes exploiting men in order to consume their being. On another level however the film examines the state of society, the human condition and potentially our impact on the world at large.

    Human behaviour is examined from a…