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  • Barbarian


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  • Barbarian



    This film is amazing. I mean, really good. Captures you from start to finish. If you never seen the trailer/read the description (like me) it’s going to shock the hell out of you. I would’ve gave it 5 stars but I feel they should’ve gave more screen time / got into more detail about Richard Brakes character - maybe that would’ve been a little too hardcore. Also I could’ve swore I heard the homeless man say “that’s not even the…

  • God's Country

    God's Country


    And that’s what happens when the cops are telling you take matters into your own hands. Dope story, Great ending, solid performances all around. A little slow on the introduction but it’s worth it for what’s in store. I also think they could’ve shown the 2 dudes get there head blown off. All the friends who helped burn the house down should’ve coincidentally been there to meet there demise as well. Thandiwe Newton crushed It. 👏♨️

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  • Men



    When I was first interested in seeing this film It was based off the Poster and the A24 co-sign. I’ve never seen a trailer, I didn’t read up on it, I had no idea who was even directing. (S/o Alex Garland) I’ll say this - You’re going to have to use your head watching because the metaphors and analogies are deep. You may get lost thinking you’re watching a film about an infected stalker, waiting for big kills/ jump scares - but…

  • Nope



    Great performances 👏👌 but the build up of actual story was extremely slow and the ending result didn’t pay out.  Also certain scenes served no purpose IMO, lost me at times. I still enjoyed watching this film, quality/clarity extremely clean - shooting style was smooth. 

    Side Note : 
    I fw Keke Palmer 💯