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  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  • Elevator to the Gallows
  • What's Up, Doc?
  • In the Mood for Love

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  • Perfect Days


  • The Lobster


  • Carnival of Souls


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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    The evaporation of history. Forever. Hell persists with our refusal to look at our creation of it.

    In The Zone of Interest, you’ll find more shots and conversations about the Hoss’ well-cared garden and its variety of flowers than mentions of Hitler and the Nazi party combined. You’ll see the only actions of remote good reduced to the coldness of thermal cameras, only capable of occurring in the darkness of night. You’ll hear the rumbles of hell (both Mica Levi’s…

Recent reviews

  • Priscilla



    A story about isolation and entrapment, sure, but above all one of the most intoxicatingly beautiful looks at teenage yearning and infatuation, here presented as the ultimate fairytale gone sideways.

  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    A never-ending void of complicity and denial. None of us are safe.

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  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    Would love this SO much more if it didn’t elicit the exact reaction it’s so eager to criticize. Literally opens with the Tár Juilliard scene by way of Aaron Sorkin (just as eye-rolling as it sounds) but thankfully gets more tolerable, even if it never touches anything resembling button-pushing. At least Jefferson allows Monk’s family enough time and development for this to be less of a STATEMENT and more of a witty (if still overly didactic) perspective. For a film…

  • Saltburn



    I strive to one day be as good at something as Emerald Fennell is at completely wrecking her own films.