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  • Stranded in Canton

    Stranded in Canton


    Ghosts ghosts ghosts...

  • Julien Donkey-Boy

    Julien Donkey-Boy


    The most pure. The most morally ambiguous. The most beautiful. Filmmaking down to the molecule. One family, a slowly moving organism. One neighborhood block immortalized, larger than life. Nothing is better.

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  • Whiplash



    Whiplash is a film that teaches that there is a jazz boy in all of us. But the real question is... are you a BIG jazz boy...or a LITTLE jazz boy?

    A great film to popcorn-soak your teeth with.

    4.3/5, would pat J.K Simmons on the head.

  • Mysterious Object at Noon

    Mysterious Object at Noon

    I remember watching part of this with my mother back home and she was really quite taken aback by it. It's a film that's quite literally created and told by people in outlandish improvised increments.
    And now, finishing it off some months later in a totally different city, different air, different people, all I can do is think of where it began and wonder, it doesn't make any sense how we got here, but it's strangely comforting to know that we did.