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  • Barry Lyndon
  • Citizen Kane
  • Out of Sight
  • Zodiac

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  • The Curse of the Cat People


  • Glass


  • Adaptation.


  • A Hard Day's Night


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  • Contagion



    CONTAGION has gotten better over time (I used to think the Jude Law thread was a stretch but the Fake News trend makes it seem relevant now - the teeth are too much though). Highlight? Jennifer Ehle. MVP of this cold and pragmatic bio thriller.‬

  • Outbreak




    There's a lot of top notch 90s filmmaking here - the score by James Newton Howard is incredibly effective at shifting between themes like suspense thriller with a world music bent (when the disease is spreading) and military might (during the containment scenes), the Michael Ballhaus oner that plays under the opening credits effectively and economically sets up the necessary context. Hell, a lot of those CGI aided oners like the one through the movie theater and hospital do…

Popular reviews

  • Paris Is Burning

    Paris Is Burning


    PARIS IS BURNING:  I had not seen this in almost twenty years.  I saw it Freshman year of college in Intro to Film at UW-Milwaukee and thought I was visiting another planet.  As a young Conservative dude from one of the whitest counties in the state who had probably met one gay person in his life, I did not get it at all and I was unwilling to get onto its wavelength.  

    I’ve been waiting to see it again…

  • Joker



    JOKER: “I don’t believe in anything - I do it for my act,” says Arthur Fleck about his makeup but he might as well be talking about the film itself. The politics of the film are all fucked up and confused - Is it taking aim at the rich? Impoverished social services? The lack of empathy in humanity? All of the above? I still don’t think it’s got a flag to plant because it wants to be both provocative and…