• Redline



    really exciting. fun. i had no idea what was going on but who cares.

    every time i've watched one of those high rated animes that gets raves from the fan boys, i've been kinda bored. even akira i didn't like much. they're just not for me.

    but this i thought was a truly great time. racing scenes are colorful & thrilling. hot anime girls. that's not my thing, but for the first time i get the appeal.

    i will watch this again.

  • Cockfighter



    the 70s were quite a time.

    as far as decades go, that one was pretty out there.

  • Murderlust



    not a slasher. more like a regional horror attempt at a serial killer drama. like a less bloody angst, or henry, portrait...

    it's not nearly as good as either of those, but it has a low-fi, scuzzy charm.

  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    i mostly really like baumbach's stuff. he's like a more down to earth whit stillman.

    almost every guy turned in rock song lyrics for english class in high school, i'm pretty sure. i know i did.

    edit: also, this movie is 80 minutes long. which is perfect. movies don't have to be two bloody hours long. writers/directors, stop fucking around so much. keep it short.

  • The Centrifuge Brain Project

    The Centrifuge Brain Project


    hahaha, this is also great, & it's very funny too.

  • Room 8

    Room 8


    all of the shorts i'd been watching the last few days had been a bit pants, but i've now watched three in a row that were all pretty great.

    this is terrific. imaginative. twilight zone-ish. loved it.

  • Gloria Victoria

    Gloria Victoria



    i have no idea what was being said here but it was very exciting to watch & listen to. the music was fantastically bombastic.

  • Memoria



    ok, this was kinda great. unfortunately the stream on yt was really low quality. really enjoyed it, but wish i'd had a cleaner, clearer stream.

  • Sandarah



    pretty good.

  • I Am Curious (Yellow)

    I Am Curious (Yellow)


    didn't make me horny.

  • The Mercenary

    The Mercenary


    doesn't quite have the fun & charisma of campaneros, but it's a very, very good time.

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    i've watched this four times & given it a 1/2 star rating each time.