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  • Sergeant York

    Sergeant York


    What makes this movie more than mere propaganda is the way that Sergeant York is portrayed not as a flawless hero but as a very limited man who changes and grows over time. Watching Gary Cooper ride on a mule and drink out of a jug might hand the elite a laugh, but the anger the character feels at his limited circumstances is not funny. York is not a comic book superhero, like Rambo. He's actually a victim who makes a conscious choice to believe in something bigger than himself.

  • Higher Learning

    Higher Learning


    What I hate about this movie is not so much what it says about race but the way it lies about the nature of college education itself. No way a top professor lecturing 100 kids would notice (or even care) if one kid went to sleep. It's not high school. Professors are not teachers. They really don't care if you learn anything or not.

    I went to Columbia University (a top Ivy League school) from 1981 to 1985. In my…

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  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    Why is Easy Rider so good? Let's pose the question another way. Why hasn't it dated?

    Notice that the Vietnam War is never mentioned, not even once. No veterans or draft dodgers identify themselves as such. There's much more racial tension in the chilling diner scene than talk about the war. I don't even think the word "peace" is ever mentioned. And certainly no one ever flashes the famous two-fingered peace sign.

    See why this hasn't dated?

    The other attractive…

  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    A timeless classic about a dirty cop who fights dirty and refuses to compromise with evil. Everyone remembers Eastwood and the Magnum, but what they don't remember is the haunting jazz score, the nighttime shadows, and the relentless suspense. Don Siegel was an amazing director and Clint Eastwood couldn't have had a better teacher.