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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    YouTube review - 

    For the most part I really loved this. DiCaprio’s complex, hysterical and poignant performance as Rick Dalton is matched every step of the way by Brad Pitt’s cool, understated and badass portrayal of Cliff Booth.

    The conversion of Hollywood Boulevard and Los Angeles in general to a 1969 version of the same is pretty astounding and mad props to Tarantino for going practical with the sets and not just CG-ing them in. Needless to say a…

  • Madness in the Method

    Madness in the Method


    Don’t let the 2 star rating fool you, I actually really dug this flick. On the one hand it’s a Tucker & Dale vs Evil-type riff on the slasher genre and on the other it serves quite well as the This is the End of the ViewAskewniverse.

    Is it the most well made film you’ll see this year? No. Some of the acting was questionable (especially from the actress who played Jason’s wife, sorry to single out a particular performer) and…

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  • Midsommar



    YouTube review -

    Filled to the brim with a gorgeous colour palette, imaginative camerawork and precise editing, Ari Aster’s new film is a feast for the eyes. 

    Like Hereditary this is a film with shocking imagery, a very strong lead performance and some of the most dread-inducing sound design I’ve heard all year. 

    Between Fighting With My Family and now Midsommar, Florence Pugh has had a really good year. There’s one particular scene in here where her face is…

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    YouTube spoiler review - 

    Ok so I just got out of seeing this a second time and I’m just gonna say it: I was totally wrong in my first review. This is as good as the others (well, except 3).

    A second viewing really ironed out a lot of the creases I had after my first viewing and for some reason I found it far more emotional this time.

    I still don’t like that they kinda turned Buzz into…