1917 ★★★★

Immersive one-take cinematography, a soundtrack that ranges from incredibly tense to absolutely beautiful, and some of the most impressive direction of the year, 1917 is an experiential film that keeps you on your toes while constantly reminding you (though not in an obnoxious way) how well made it is.

To the film’s credit though it isn’t content with just being a technical masterwork, it wants to hit you on an emotional level too and on a couple of occasions it does exactly that. I was never in tears or anything but there were some touching moments and I got a lump in my throat at one point.

Like with Dunkirk some might take issue with its lack of set up or character depth, but again that’s just not the point of this film. It’s an exercise in immersion and features incredibly authentic, well, everything, but I do want to praise the set design in particular for that.

For a while I wasn’t completely sold on the 2 main casting choices but by the end they won me over and reminded me that sometimes performances are best when they’re understated.

A stylish movie that also has substance.


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