No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

I have lots of thoughts on this but for now here’s what I’ll say…

Although I very much enjoyed No Time To Die, it did feel like a Hollywoodised version of James Bond, compared to the rawness of say Casino Royale

It’s definitely one of the more emotionally-charged Bond films, Daniel Craig gives a great performance (one that will likely fly under the radar), and the action is always entertaining.

The villainous plan is pretty neat and feels very timely, however Rami Malek is wasted a little bit (he doesn’t show up until a good hour into the film). On a technical level everything is there, but my issues tend to come from the script.

Just a notch below CR and Skyfall, way better than Quantum of Solace (haven’t seen Spectre), but if you’re a die hard fan of the ‘classic’ Bond sensibilities, you might find this strays from the path.

Entertaining, technically proficient - from the score to the cinematography, direction to production design - and emotional, with some humourous moments (a few too many, which at times makes it feel like an MCU film), but it does feel more along the lines of Mission: Impossible than 007 - though the action isn’t quite on that level.

Overall it’s a strong sendoff for Daniel Craig, but there are a few questionable decisions for me with the screenwriting (won’t go into them yet cause spoilers).


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