Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

This is my favourite movie from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The likeable characters, self-aware script, catchy songs, Hollywood setting, brilliant dance choreography, iconic scenes; it’s got the lot. And on top of everything else it’s just so much fun. If you’re a fan of La La Land and haven’t watched Singin’ in the Rain, I highly recommend it! You can tell Damien Chazelle took a lot of inspiration and on at least one occasion directly references it.

Even if you’re not particularly into older movies, this is still one I’d urge you to try. I watched it at uni a few years ago and while I expected to appreciate it for its quality, I didn’t expect it to be a film I’d actually love and go on to watch multiple times. Usually I don’t really click with movies that came out prior to about 1970 (that’s a whole other post entirely), but this is one that transcends the time period in which it was made and is still highly watchable today.

Often movies from the 50’s can suffer from pacing issues or wooden-feeling characters due to the whole pre-Brando style of acting, but somehow Singin’ in the Rain breezes by and manages to hold my full attention the entire time, giving me characters to latch onto that I actually like and care about. 

Plus, the fact Donald O’Connor had to do the “make em laugh” sequence with the flu and still pulled off such an engaging, energetic and charismatic performance, is pretty amazing.

I haven’t got time to write as long of a review as normal, but those are my brief thoughts. Self-parodic humour aimed at Hollywood, a cast who have magnificent chemistry, and musical numbers that look and sound great. What more could you want? It really is one of those lightning in a bottle type movies that just feels timeless. I wasn’t into musicals or films of that era when I saw it, and yet I still fell in love with it.

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