Toy Story 4 ★★★★

YouTube spoiler review - 

Ok so I just got out of seeing this a second time and I’m just gonna say it: I was totally wrong in my first review. This is as good as the others (well, except 3).

A second viewing really ironed out a lot of the creases I had after my first viewing and for some reason I found it far more emotional this time.

I still don’t like that they kinda turned Buzz into an idiot and I’d have liked the original characters to have had a bit more screen time, but I get that the focus is on the new additions so I can’t really call that a flaw.

Genuinely left the cinema feeling completely and utterly fulfilled. The heart is there, the laughs are there and the message of being who you are rather than who you’re expected to be is equally applicable to kids and adults.

I think my expectations were too high the first time around but it played so much better for me this time. Definitely bumping this from 3.5 to 4 stars. Loved the film and love the franchise.


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