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  • Zoom



    If you're expecting any superhero action out of this you'll be highly disappointed as most of the action you get here is the characters getting into foodfights, ducking paintballs in training and slow-dancing to Enrique Iglesias' Hero.

  • Who is Arthur Chu?

    Who is Arthur Chu?


    I just saw the poster "Jeopardy's Most Hated Player" and decided to watch it on that alone, I was intrigued to find out what made someone become so notorious on a show like Jeopardy that it would warrant a whole documentary.

    Unfortunately semi-spoilers here (although you find that out within the first 10 minutes) the reason for his notoriety is not that he was able to cheat the system or anything and therefor got hate. It was merely because he…

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  • The Furies

    The Furies


    It doesn't have too much to offer in terms of plot or character development or backstories but it has some good gore and a fairly likeable lead.

    Which is just about enough to make it worthwhile, rather forgettable though but passable as entertainment for 80 minutes.


  • The Belko Experiment

    The Belko Experiment


    A bit slow in the middle and the characters are a bit onedimensional but overall good fun.