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  • The Siren

    The Siren


    Low-budget fantasy horror, wants to be an art house film but just feels a bit vague and distant instead. Acting is just okay.

    Slightly interesting at times but a bit on the dull side, definitely not something I imagine most people would find the desire to watch more than once.

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Dungeons & Dragons


    I was wondering if maybe this film wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be, it wasn't. It was worse.

  • Scarred City

    Scarred City


    First half of this was a surprisingly good action film about a special group of police that likes to shoot first and ask questions... never.

    Stephen Baldwin is the rookie to the group, Chazz Palminteri is the groups leader and for the type of film it is it's fairly well-acted. Tia Carrere plays an jazz singing stripper/escort whom crosses paths with the crew unwillingly.

    First half is actually pretty solid stuff but second half, I don't know if they ran…

  • Random Acts of Violence

    Random Acts of Violence


    I do like Jay Baruchel quite a bit so to watch this film was a given as he not only stars in it, but he wrote, produced and directed it as well.

    While Baruchel is mostly known for his comedic work (alot of Judd Apatow features on his resume) this is a psychological horror with some pretty brutal scenes.

    Jesse Williams plays the lead as the writer of a comic book series called Slasherman, who's ficticious tales of terror seemingly…

  • Legacy



    65% of the film is Idris Elba talking to himself, suffering from some serious PTSD in his crappy motel apartment.

    So not the most exciting film to watch exactly, your value for the film will probably depend on how much you love Idris Elba. Me I like him enough, but not enough to enjoy this film apparently.

  • The Sonata

    The Sonata


    I watched this a couple weeks ago I barely remember anything, I do recall Rutger Hauer only being in it for a couple minutes and there was some spooky things happening in the house. Ah yes things are coming back to me, yeah it was pretty shit and I have to adjust my rating, was going to give it 2 star but it's really a 1.5 star movie.

  • Paradise Hills

    Paradise Hills


    This kind of feels like the script was originally a regular conversion therapy drama, but the studio decided it was just a little too uneventful so they decided to spice it up by setting it in the future and adding a stupid last minute twist.

    Quite a stupid tale but with some visual flare which is really all it's got going for it, some okay-ish acting I guess but overall no good.

  • Southie



    Southie is Sortie... boring.

    Tired South Boston drama about a small time hustler with a irish mob backdrop.

    Donnie Wahlberg I actually like as an actor but his movie-resume is not too impressive, this is another dud. Will Arnett in an early role, Amanda Peet shows up looking pretty, other than that nothing too interesting about this film.

    Rose McGowan plays his sister, not sure why she's on the poster her character isn't in it that much but I guess she was the most famous person in it besides Donnie.


  • BloodRayne



    Uwe Boll has made some decent films in his days: the Rampage trilogy, Postal and Heart of America stand out the most.

    However he's done alot of terrible films as well, and this is one of those.

  • Zoom



    If you're expecting any superhero action out of this you'll be highly disappointed as most of the action you get here is the characters getting into foodfights, ducking paintballs in training and slow-dancing to Enrique Iglesias' Hero.

  • Who is Arthur Chu?

    Who is Arthur Chu?


    I just saw the poster "Jeopardy's Most Hated Player" and decided to watch it on that alone, I was intrigued to find out what made someone become so notorious on a show like Jeopardy that it would warrant a whole documentary.

    Unfortunately semi-spoilers here (although you find that out within the first 10 minutes) the reason for his notoriety is not that he was able to cheat the system or anything and therefor got hate. It was merely because he…

  • You Should Have Left

    You Should Have Left


    I quite like the idea of the film it has some interesting moments particulary towards the end, but it's a little too slow and not as creepy as intended and some things are a little too obvious.

    So not as good as it could have been but decent enough, Seyfried and Bacon did fine.