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  • Lost in New York

    Lost in New York


    one of the last rollin films i had left to watch, and itโ€™s beautiful on the redemption fiancรฉe of dracula blu. i was put off by the annoying ubiquity of the imagery during the glory days of tumblr. but itโ€™s good, and would honestly serve as a very good final film. rollin plays tribute to himself and his heroes effectively. not top tier, but pretty good.

  • Peace



    thief cat innocent

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    this is a terrible movie. it is deeply condescending and moralizing yet shallow and misogynistic, all at once. it glorifies stylized violence, and then refuses to own up to its own violence (seriously, you're gonna have a cannibal scene and not show any violence, but DO have a very long, male gaze shower scene with two models?). it screams about the exploitation of women, yet constantly mocks the character with plastic surgery and features the violent rape of 13-year-old runawayโ€ฆ

  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    a kind, joyful, funny, sad story about working-class women supporting themselves and helping each other under late capitalism. regina hall's lisa gives and gives of herself to everyone she knows until she can't anymore - the film ends with a beautiful scene that brought me to tears. this is the kind of film i wish men made about women more often.