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  • Friends with Kids

    Friends with Kids


    Very on-point feminine perspective on romance vs the reality of boys who will be boys.

    No, seriously. Very on point. I would really like to know if guys like this movie... or if they think the ending is unrealistic, or if they think it is offensive to put a man choosing Megan Fox over his beautiful relationship... because... well, it’s pretty real to me.

  • Laggies



    Usually, any Keira Knightley’s performance distracts me too much from liking or enjoying any movie she is in

    BUT, surprisingly

    1. I actually think she’s not that bad here.
    2. Chloe Grace, Sam Rockwell, Keitlin Dever?? I mean... I love them. No Keira can mess these ones up.
    And 3.... Ugh. I mean. I don’t even know why but I really relate very very much with this absurd premise. I REALLY DO.

    So... in conclusion... I enjoyed it. And I…

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  • Harakiri



    Tremenda peliculota.

    I will never be prepared for the bewildering capacity cinema has to take you to untraveled places.

    Honor and tradition are always fascinating subjects for me... There is no such thing as a Samurai nowadays...

    I wish they had preserved the name “Seppuku” instead of Harakiri, but oh well.

    Some true Samurai used to write Death Poems, small poems that would resume their lives in case they died soon, because “The spiritual meaning of the teachings of the…

  • C.R.A.Z.Y.



    Besides the pretty old narrative of “Gay person won’t come out of the closet because it’s wrong and is ashamed” which seemed repetitive and outdated to me, I think it’s a very enjoyable and intelligent movie.

    I found many of its cinematic resources refreshing and entertaining. Music, imagination, personalized humanization of the characters are all well accomplished... Overall, nice movie to watch.