Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

Spider-Man: Far from Home is as funny as I remember it - I love the quick witted lines and subtle but frequent & hilarious jokes.

It was similar to the first one in terms of how they portray the dynamics of kids in high school. Plotting how to sit next to your crush, awkward mis-understandings, best friends who are there for you through anything, yadda yadda. I eat all that right up. These characters are so endearing. I love Ned and his new gf's relationship, as it also is so nostalgic - texting each other when sitting right next to each other, being sooo awkward in general, etc is so great. And Peter Parker's crush on Zendaya is so darn sweet and heartwarming. I love that, even though Spider-Man is obviously a superhero and one of the Avengers, he is just a normal teenager.

Jake Gyllenhall as Mysterio is really good, too! The whole concept of using those drones to create the images of real monsters and Mysterio himself fighting them, when none of it is actually real, is a clever storyline that I haven't seen before.

And the ending! First of all, it's great to see JK Simmons back. And ohhh man that cliff hanger! I believe they are making another Spider-Man movie soon, and THANK GOODNESS. I need to know what happens next!

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