Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★

i tried to go into this with a completely objective perspective because before i wasnt really a big fan. but firstly, LOVELY cinematography, colours and shots. i fell in love with italy so much

honestly it does not portray a real representation of a mlm relationship. it perpetuates the idea of 1) an older predatory male and 2) a highly romanticized yet tragic relationship. this stereotype is much too prevalent in society and done to death that it's become a stereotype of mlm relationships. especially since they cast armie hammer (who looks about 35) and timothee chalamet (who looks 12). i know you're all going to call me out saying oliver isn't predatory but he has so much of an advantage over elio, and knows this as elio seems to try to constantly impress him.

but not once have i heard praise for this movie from a lgbt male viewer. it does not represent the 'average lgbt man.' not once have i heard anyone say "i relate to this story and characters so much! i too want to fuck a peach!" it seems the praise is all from straight girls (no surprise there! constantly fetishizing mlm!) the problematic aspect stems more from the presentation of the story rather than the story itself.

and personally i don't believe this is a movie about love. it's more finding your own identity, exploring and learning to accept it. what to deny and what to permit. elio and oliver both use each other to do this, in a personal, sexual and sensual sense. it was more obsession and infatuation than love. it was never meant to last.

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