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  • DeepStar Six

    DeepStar Six


    2021 History of Horror Challenge

    Week 17: Ocean Horror
    Progress - 49/52

    I love me some ocean horror, even the bad ones, so my ratings are probably a bit more generous in this topic even than normal. I say that because this is not really three stars, largely because it's just too darn boring. For something that takes place underwater with the threat of a huge killer creature, they do a really good job of rarely showing said creature. The…

  • Rocky IV

    Rocky IV


    10x10 Actors Challenge

    I still have a good bit of work on this challenge, but this feels like an appropriate film to finish for Dolph Lundgren's piece, as the first of ten actors for me to get through. Lundgren has had a very busy career, even if there's a lot of junk in there. I still like the junk, but 1985 Lundgren is in phenomenal physical shape. Since his career certainly ended up relying on physicality, you could pick worse…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    2018 Horror x 52 Challenge

    07. Most Popular Horror Movie On Your Watchlist
    Progress: 16/52

    This one definitely lives up to the hype! I certainly found a movie that I'm going to show to my kids when they're a bit older to try to keep them from sleeping around!

    A slow burn horror that doesn't rely on many jump scares to get you (although I'll admit that there were a couple times it actually did get me), instead relying on…

  • Mandy



    Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 11 - May 2019

    24 - A Horror film from 2018 that you've been meaning to watch.

    Sometimes it's worth going into a movie knowing nothing about it. I mainly stayed away from reviews on this one and I'm glad I did because it was pretty out there. I honestly have no idea what was going on at times but what a brutal, bloody ride as Cage just goes full revenge-mode on a group of seriously…