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  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    2020 Horrorx52 Challenge

    42. Holiday Horror (Christmas/Easter etc.)
    Progress - 50/52

    Didn't actually realize that I was getting myself into High School Musical: British Zombie Version so that's my fault as I was not really in the right mood for that. I knew it would be lighter for sure, but the musical approach caught me off-guard. That being said, there were some catchy tunes but I just can't help my compare all of these zombie horror comedies, especially a British…

  • Bug



    10x10 Actors Challenge

    Really enjoying this little challenge I made for myself as it's giving me the opportunity to check out some films I didn't really have on my radar, plus I'm (hopefully) watching them all fairly closely, so I get to see how a specific actor evolves or progresses. Or in some cases, like Michael Shannon, I just see another example of his descent into madness that he does so well. Frankly not much has changed 14 years later…

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  • Get Duked!

    Get Duked!


    Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 28 - October 2020

    15. You have to laugh every once in a while, so time to watch a horror comedy.

    Harmless fun here that ended up being a good bit more entertaining than I expected. A bangin' soundtrack never hurt anything either. It has way too many similarities to Hot Fuzz to be confused as original, but what they do copy they at least do quite well. There are some real laugh out loud lines…

  • Almost Human

    Almost Human


    Film Diversity Challenge
    Progress: 208/360

    Cult Movies
    Progress: 26/30

    Topic - Neo-Exploitation

    It's definitely rough around the edges at times, but this is a pretty fun throwback horror sci-fi/slasher mash-up that I didn't know I really needed but I'm glad to have seen it. Excessive blood and gore definitely make it worth the price of admission and for being a bit on the lower budget side, I didn't find the performances to be that bad or distracting. Glad to have seen this one, since I enjoyed Joe Begos' 2019 film, Bliss. Nice to see that he has progressed a good bit.