Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 34 - April 2021

5. Now some of our paths will split for a little while. If you are left-handed you must watch a horror film that I’ve rated 4.5 stars or higher. If you’re right-handed you must watch a horror film that I’ve rated 1 star or lower. Need a hand?

Thankfully I'm left-handed so I was treated to a solid selection off of Robert's watched films. I've been catching up on a lot of kaiju over the last year which has been fun - there's good ones, bad ones, WTF ones, and I've been able to show a couple of my kids parts of some of them with mixed reactions. In fact my 8 year old daughter was downstairs with me working on a puzzle when I put this on and I asked her if she knew about Godzilla. She said yes, and thought it looked like a lizard so I said it's more like a dinosaur and proceeded to pull up some pictures of the original film when all of a sudden she starts cackling because that face showed up on the screen and confused both of us. It's an interesting entry though. Obviously these films are about more than just large monsters and deal just as much about the problems of modern civilization and its evolution, so seeing this one focus so much on the bureaucracy when it comes to dealing with the crisis was an interesting angle. The monster itself is pretty neat and seeing it change was a nice touch, especially with some of the final scenes. The biggest drawback to me though was there were some parts where everything looked too computer-rendered for my taste, and I really didn't care for that giant train explosion scene that looked pretty abysmal. Still though, it's perfectly accessible and entertaining. And I actually watched with the English dubbing so I could get some work done during it and found it to be pretty good - those can be hit or miss of course. Definitely glad to have watched this one.

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