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  • The Creeper
  • Curse of the Faceless Man
  • Frankenstein's Daughter
  • Just for the Hell of It
  • The Fury

A HoopTober Party

38 films

My first time diving into the majesty of #HoopTober, started by Cinemonster. I think I did this right. It's a…

  • Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
  • The Chinese Ring
  • Ghosts on the Loose
  • Voodoo Man
  • Crazy Knights

The 2016 William Beaudine-A-Thon

23 films

In 2016, I am going to watch as many William Beaudine films as I can. Vive la Beaudine! (Well, it's…

  • The Last Slumber Party
  • Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot
  • Rushmore
  • Night of Horror
  • Sh! The Octopus

The Movies I Can Always Watch Because They Love Me As Much As I Love Them

64 films

These are the films I can watch at any time (in any place) because they make me very happy. This…