Boudu Saved from Drowning

Boudu Saved from Drowning ★★½

Boudu Saved from Drowning is an intermittently amusing take on the proverb that no good deed goes unpunished. Boudu may be saved from drowning during the opening section of the film, however, it takes Jean Renoir all of his skill to save the entertainment value of the film from Boudu (Michel Simon). The film is wonderfully directed, the staid interior scenes pitched interestingly against the outdoors photography of Paris. Renoir is great with the camera and he has a real sense of wit. Politics at the expense of characters, jokes hiding everything. However, I found Boudu himself to be intensely irritating, as I am meant to, however I also found Simon's over-the-top performance annoying, which does not seem to be the case for others. Simon infuriated me. Renoir would go on to make better films, more enjoyable films, but even here he shows a great facility as a director. A fine film, just not one I loved. Unfortunately.

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