Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

I am not sure the thing Moonrise Kingdom needed to make it better was Nazis. To be fair, Wes Anderson's best film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, very much treads this fine line, between totalitarian terror and delightful comedy and excels. Jojo Rabbit doesn't quite.

It isn't a bad film; it is regularly funny. It has a wonderful opening sequence, full of absurdity and needle, and every time it intends to be funny the film basically works. However, the film kind of falls apart as it goes along. The terror isn't terrifying, the big scenes aren't just sentimental but maudlin. It is a film that knows how to be funny, but cannot manage the transition to being serious, disturbing or even heartfelt. There is something missing in the mix and I think it is probably an issue with the point of view character.

Still, I thought it was all right.

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