Midnight Run ★★★★½

Midnight Run. There's nowt better than Midnight Run. However, for the longest time when anyone mentioned Midnight Run I thought they meant the Christopher McDonald TV movies from the mid-1990s. They used to be on Sky Movies daily and I used to watch them daily when I got in from school. I didn't realise they were based on a De Niro till roughly 2010. I couldn't believe how much people loved those McDonald TV movies. I mean I thought they were great, and I really pleased that other people agreed. Then I realised my error. And I watched Midnight Run and there's nowt better than Midnight Run.

The film is a mix of perfect elements: Robert De Niro's best performance of the 1980s (The King of Comedy be-damned). Dennis Farina's greatest film performance. The swearing. Trains, planes and automobiles. Charles Grodin. Yaphet Kotto. Joe Pantoliano. Philip Baker Hall. The scene with De Niro and his daughter. Danny Elfman's incongruous brassy score. Bill 'Red' Wood. The helicopter chase. The swearing. The goddamn fucking swearing.

Martin Brest may have torched his career in a Gigli shaped fire, but Midnight Run is an absolute highpoint of the 1980s. A slick, funny buddy film.

Now, everyone, try those Christopher McDonald sequels. I have watched each fifty times. And the 12 year old me says they are masterpieces.

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