Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

I quite liked Thor: Ragnarok. It may have a terrible and incomprehensible opening 30 minutes and a dull, soporific final 30 minutes, but that middle hour is a highlight of the whole Marvel endeavour. It isn't quite Iron Man 3 good, but it has a lot of pleasures, chiefly Chris Hemsworth's facility with comedy and willingness to look like an idiot. The film is choppily edited; it cuts rather abruptly and often doesn't settle into scenes, suggesting a rather longer script than what is on screen; but the colourful CGI and aggressively irreverent tone make Ragnarok rather appealing. It is a shame that it had to twist and contort itself into a series of increasingly dull film, but there is plenty of imagine on show and plenty of laughs to be had.