Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

Makoto Shinkai's Your Name is really great. It is the only animation I have seen that feels like it was mostly constructed from magic hour photography and long summer days. Purple skies, turquoise seas, yellows and oranges. The scenery, the city.

Your Name is a heartfelt teen romance and a high concept fantasy, smashed together without a single mis-step. It starts, fairly hilariously, as a body swap comedy between two school-aged teenagers, who don't know each other, one from the countryside, one from Tokyo.

For at least 45 minutes I thought the film would stay in this mode. Stay fun and light, warm and summery. However, it twists, wildly, into something grander, something sadder, something stranger. I rebelled against it, initially, but the film is so well-wrought, so well-animated and constructed; so, well, emotionally satisfying, that I just got swept up into it.

Your Name was a huge smash-hit in Japan, it remains the fourth highest grossing film in Japanese history, and I can see why. It is just so appealing, and sweet, and delightful. I imagine seeing it when I was 15 and it would have easily been one of my favourite films. Even at my now advanced age, it really works.

Call Me By...Your Name.

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