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Daniel Cruse


A theater worker in Louisville. Please wear your masks people!

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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense

    A show like this comes once in a lifetime. Unless you’re David Byrne in which case you recapture the magic of your live performances in another context many years later with a show called American Utopia. Stop Making Sense is the quintessential concert film. It’s staged and constructed with so much passion and creative sense, and the music is unimaginably fun.

    The big suit is an iconic moment in our history as a species.

  • M*A*S*H


    Being born in 1999 and viewing this film in 2020, I am far separated from the context of M*A*S*H but I can clearly see how reflective it is of the cultural moment in American history that was the Vietnam War. Yes, this film takes place in the Korean War but the shadow of America’s situation at the time in real life casts itself over the story.

    It’s timely and a subversive take on a war film. The dark comedy interlaced within…

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    “Remember, what makes you different is what makes you Spider-Man.” 

    It is crazy to me that we’re in a year where Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War came out and this Sony animated film is the best superhero movie I’ve seen in 2018. It’s difficult to collect my rambling thoughts about how much I loved this film so this review won’t be very analytical. 

    Everything about this movie was so fresh, beautiful, and fun. The story was suprisingly mature for…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    “Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter.” 

    Tarantino has done it again. Every component from cinematography, lighting, soundtrack, direction, editing, writing, pacing, tone, and especially the acting is totally phenomenal. This was my first time seeing a Tarantino film in theaters and that was such a lovely experience. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt should really just get a joint Oscar for this one, their chemistry is perfect and each of them is so…