Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

Eddie Murphy shines in this beautiful ode to the passionate and unapologetic artists of the world. This movie was so feel good and fun to watch, it got me interested in actually checking out Rudy Ray Moore’s work cause I didn’t know anything about the guy before this film. He just seems like a really cool dude who likes making jokes and movies to have a good time. 

I love the attitude this film takes in regard to the entertainment industry and overcoming cynicism, doubt, and anything else that may keep an artist from pursuing his or her passion. Rudy Ray Moore’s work on Dolemite may not have changed the face of film as we know it or impressed critics at the time but it set out to entertain and it found an audience that wanted exactly what the movie had to offer. At the end of the day, isn’t that more important? 

This is a really fun watch and an interesting story to see unfold for anyone who has ever considered making a movie before. The cast is fantastic, the film is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious and I really hope it is a sign of things to come with Eddie Murphy because I came of age in a time where he was at a low point in his career (A Thousand Words was my first time seeing him in a movie) and I’d love to see him performing in a capacity that recaptures the energy and talent that everybody loved him for to begin with. 

Netflix really pulled out all the stops with their original releases this fall and I am all for it. I love the theatrical experience but it’s admittedly really cool to be able to see all of these incredible films anytime, anywhere. I hope this one isn’t lost in the shuffle cause it deserves to be seen by people outside of film circles.

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