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This review may contain spoilers.

After this rewatch, I’ll say with ease that this is my favorite Spider-Man film. I think it’s one of the most seamlessly funny movies in the MCU, Jake Gyllenhaal gives one of the best villain performances in the whole franchise, and it does a beautiful job of picking up some pieces left in the wake of Endgame while setting up for what seems to be an incredibly exciting third Spider-Man solo entry. 

Martin Starr’s Mr. Harrington is easily the most tragically funny character in the MCU, every line out of his mouth is depressing and yet so funny. I really thought they were gonna subvert my expectations when he didn’t drop his camera in the water at first so the timing of that scene made it way funnier when he actually did lose it. J.B. Smoove is also fantastic, I’d love to have these guys as my teachers. 

About every character in this movie that had been previously introduced has more to do. Whether it’s Zendaya’s MJ, Happy, Betty Brandt, or even Fury and Agent Hill. This movie is all about Spider-Man but it does a great job of balancing an impressive and talented ensemble cast. The film is also noteworthy for feeling more politically and socially timely considering the era of propaganda, fake news, deepfakes, and mass media manipulation that the world is caught in the middle of. Having Mysterio as a villain now is more relevant than ever, and that theme is strengthened even more by J. Jonah Jameson’s return as an Alex Jones type spreading misinformation on his fanatical radio show. 

The effects are top notch and the action sequences in the Mysterio illusion scenes are some of the most stylistic and interesting fights I’ve seen in these films. Lots of Marvel movies have fallen prey to overblown and overstuffed CGI filled climaxes, Black Panther being the most egregious example considering how fantastic the rest of that film is, but Far From Home has a really engaging third act that mixes action and storytelling very well. 

I think this movie packs all the heart, humor, and action that we expect from the better MCU entries into a really well acted, directed, shot, and scored film that stands out among the rest. I saw Endgame twice and I’ve seen this twice now but I am likely going for a third time when my significant other comes back from vacation.

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