“We live in a twilight world.”

Christopher Nolan executes his own spin on a contemporary James Bond style spy thriller as spectacularly as one would expect. Tenet is bombastic, visually striking, and ambitious. The film sees Nolan at his most critically self-indulgent, leaning into everything good and bad that makes a movie of this caliber so specific to him.

Nolan has never been a favorite director of mine, so one might think that the issues I’ve had with other films of his would apply even more in this film. That is partially true, but the things that work about his films also work very very well in Tenet. The good far outweighs the bad in my mind.

I can’t help but admire the boldness of this movie, it does things visually that I’ve never seen in a film like this and each set-piece is very memorable. The prologue may actually be my favorite part of the film, as I find it so enthralling. I think it is the most effective portion of the movie as it instantly grips the viewer and demands full attention until the title card is revealed.

John David Washington is wonderful in the lead role, his sardonic charm is entertaining and helps the protagonist stand out despite the lack of depth in the way the character was written. I look forward to seeing him in movies for many many years.

This is still a favorite of the year, not necessarily my number one but it’s a really good movie that I enjoy more each viewing. Hooked up to our sound system, I found that the audio issues many knocked the film for were even less present. Truthfully, I saw the movie twice theatrically and never really experienced those problems so I can’t say with authority that it’s much better or worse but the soundtrack seemed clearer to me.

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