The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

I’m really pleased to say this is the first great feature I’ve seen from 2020. There are some logical inconsistencies that might leave you scratching your head a bit, but the movie is so suspenseful, well acted, tense, and beautifully crafted that I can easily look past any issues I had with a few of the story beats. Elisabeth Moss gives a grounded and powerful performance that really elevates the film because if the lead actor couldn’t convincingly sell the terror of an invisible antagonist, the film would’ve fallen apart entirely. 

This is a great directorial effort from Leigh Whannell, I’d say it’s at least as good as his previous feature, Upgrade, which is also a movie I’d highly recommend. The screenplay is maybe the weakest link but it’s really not bad and only has a few moments that I struggled to wrap my head around but for the most part the story worked for me. It was a great twist on that universal monster story and I’m glad they’re leaving behind the attempt at the cinematic universe. 

The elements that tackle the experience of dealing with domestic abuse made the story a lot weightier and more relevant in our times. The protagonist is a character you deeply empathize with and although the “monster” aspect is terrifying, what is arguably even scarier is the constant manipulation, gaslighting, and alienating of everyone in her life that she cares about. It’s a really disturbing movie with some thrilling sequences and I was tense for most of the runtime. Highly recommend for all horror fans.

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