Us ★★★★½

I’ve discussed this before on this platform but I’m part of the film committee of our university’s Student Activities Board and tonight we had our second big event of the semester, an outdoor showing of Us on a large inflatable screen. It was a pretty successful event and everyone there seemed to enjoy the movie a lot. 

On this rewatch, I had so much fun with the movie. The crowd was bringing an energy that you rarely get in a theater and I really noticed how entertaining this movie is in how it handles both the comedy and the horror elements. The characters react to situations with a lot of grounded confusion and frustration that feels relatable and is also very funny at times. Winston Duke is especially hilarious. 

Lupita gives an incredible dual performance and the kids and supporting cast, especially Tim Heidecker and Elisabeth Moss are great as well. Jordan’s direction and the cinematography, editing, and especially music are as sharp and competent as Get Out. 

The only place where this movie loses any points at all for me is the script not being as tight as his previous film. It’s still very enjoyable and well written but there’s a particular scene that is essentially a huge exposition dump from Red that really left me with more questions than answers and I personally would’ve rather not known a lot of her explanations for things. 

Other than that, it’s a really fun and well made movie with lots of memorable performances, a fantastic score, and some haunting imagery. One of the best horror movies of the year.

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