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  • Five Times Two

    Five Times Two


    A warning to everyone who found their marriage on breaking another relationship, lies and brief sexual encounter that your spouse don't know about. It will all bite you in the ass at the end - or already at the start which is the case with this film. Wonderful acted, this is "Memento" for the broken-hearted. Do anyone else than me think that Valeria Bruni look like an unknown half-sister to Gillian Andersson?

  • Under the Sand

    Under the Sand


    Charlotte Rampling is the entire film as a woman who is left alone when her husband goes missing after a swim in the sea. Her acting makes this entire film such a gripping, absorbing view even when the film nears it's expected ending.

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  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


    Poor, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is really falling apart in this one and he sells the film's most haunting moment - it's ending. The movie itself could have been better visualized and edited, but it is an intriguing film that has some good ideas. Danielle Harris is so cute here than it is no wonder she grew up to be a sexbomb.

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    Five years later, Brie and Rami was Hollywood darlings but here they were independent and helped troubled children from a hard life. It is a feel-good movie by-the-numbers but it also touch on hard stuff and give sexual abuse a face. Brie carries this movie and show what a great leading actress she is when she get the right material to work with as she is the entire heart and soul of this film.