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  • The Father

    The Father


    I watched "The father" a few weeks ago and since then I can't stop thinking about it...
    My grandfather had dementia, so this is a very relatable and consequently a very touching film.
    There isn't a linear narrative, the movie is messy, confused and sufocating in order to put the spectator inside a dementia person's head and this is so fucking well done!!! It also raises questions like family/society incomprehension on this disease that unfortunatly it is still a reality which needs to be beaten.
    Also, Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman give us amazing performances.
    It's completely heartbreaking.

  • Amor Fati

    Amor Fati


    Raw and human.

    What a beautiful portrait of my country.

    PS: Querida ministra da cultura e restantes membros do governo, uma vez que o estado de emergência permanece em vigor e que não é possível tomar drinks de fim de tarde, percam um tempinho a ver esta obra maravilhosa. Pode ser que consigam dar mais valor à cultura que se faz em Portugal!