Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★★

David Lynch + Nicolas Cage = March Made in Heaven <3

My favorite scene involves Lula throwing a tantrum because the radio only plays these morbid news stories so she pulls to the side of the road and orders Sailor to find them some  music, so he finds a Powermad song and they immediately start dancing/freaking the fuck out, karate kicks N all, right on the side of the highway!

This film is bizarre Lynchian bliss. The rape scenes (both post rape and verbal rape i.e. Willem Defoe) were very difficult to view. Diane Ladd in full red lipstick face puking in a toilet will be forever seared in my brain. Numerous sex scenes between Lauren Dern and Nicolas Cage will forever confuse and stimulate me. Nicolas Cage singing Elvis songs with a speed metal band miming a backing band will always thrill me. This film is perfectly strange and hilariously exhilarating.

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