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  • Raw



    It's always exciting going along to a movie that's preceded by tabloid reports of people fainting while watching it, such is its extreme shock value.

    In the desensitised modern world where terrorism and extreme violence pervades mainstream media, it's a rare nostalgic treat to get caught up in the hype of a film so disturbing some actually consider it dangerous.

    Raw follows a young vegetarian who undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, awakening in her a savage hunger…

  • Inferno



    The latest Da Vinci Code movie achieves the difficult task of somehow being both a tedious chore and cartoonishly silly.

    Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones are both great actors and Ron Howard can be a great director, but Inferno is terrible.

    It follows Professor Robert Langdon as he comes to in a hospital suffering amnesia and hallucinations from a head injury. After a series of boring and badly edited visions, somebody is shooting at Langdon and he's taken away by…

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  • Wild



    One could see Wild as a beautiful love story, a poignant journey into loneliness-inspired madness, even as crass exploitation.

    I can't imagine anyone not seeing it as entirely original, fascinating and brilliant.

    For some of the billions of people living in cities on our planet, being surrounded by other humans doesn't mean they're not lonely. If anything, being constantly in contact with other people while still feeling alienated only exaggerates their loneliness.

    Ania is such a person. Until she meets…