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This review may contain spoilers.

Reservoir dogs is a really interesting film following the story of a group of criminals who all get hired and work together to carry out a bank heist which goes horribly wrong, leaving multiple members dead or severely injured. The surviving members try to figure out whether there was a rat in the crew who snitched them out to the police.

What makes this film great is that we meet the characters briefly and then the next time we see them is after the robbery and gradually we get to see snippets of the heist as the story progresses as well as backstory focus on several major characters. The majority of the film takes place in an abandoned building meaning the focus of the story is on the characters emotions rather than extravagant locations.

I know that over the top violence is a classic trope of a Tarantino film, however I thought that the torture scene in which one of the characters cuts off a cops ear is a bit excessive. However, I assume that the intention behind it was to create a deranged and uncomfortable feeling for the audience.