Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★

since i've got the screenplay i knew i was gonna looooooooove it, this movie is bonkers, audacious in every way and that's what i'm here for. every character is played and written so well but especially celeste. i love the camera work, cinematography, soundtrack OOF! i also know there's some undercooked topics and stuff but i honestly don't care.

what really bothered me here is the show, it's such a crucial part and what we were all waiting for (i mean if you saw the movie you know what i'm talking about), i'm not talking about natalie dancing and stuff because i think it was meant to be this way since everything celeste got through and was on in the moment, but it could've been done SOOO much better in technical aspects, i was supposed to be completely stunned and it was kind of a let down...

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