Enola Holmes ★★★

Is there ever going to be a film where a character is hanging outside of a train and there’s a wall coming and they DON’T make it at the last second? 

I wanted to like this... but I didn’t. I liked the score from Daniel Pemberton. I liked some of the action. Henry Cavill... well... ya know. I pretty much thought all the elements worked except for the fact that the film completely switched plots halfway through. And we will probably get a sequel in a year or so. The pacing of this film is not good... this should’ve been a solid ninety to a hundred minute film. I really wish that this worked for me but it just didn’t. So many little things I liked but overall it’s just... enh. Anyway, another fine addition to the never ending catalogue of Netflix Original Films that I probably won’t remember at the end of next week. 

(My dad laughed out loud at the way that they wrapped up the henchman’s character or whatever he was)

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